Payment - Residential

Your payment history helps establish your good credit. Payment on time keeps your gas service flowing year round. You can pay your bill by the due date in several convenient ways:

  1. Pay by Mail

    Send your payment with payment coupon to:
    Equitable Gas Company
    P.O. Box 371820
    Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7820

  2. Pay in Person at one of our Payment Centers

  3. Online Banking
    Pay using your bank’s on-line system. Always use your Equitable Gas Company account number from the top of your bill.
  4. Effective July 6, online payment and bill presentation will be made through the Peoples e-Account online bill-pay and account management system. As of July 6, you’ll be seamlessly re-directed to Peoples e-Account to register, using the new Peoples account number found on your bill. You can then view and pay your bill, and access all the enhanced Peoples e-Account features.

  5. As a temporary solution until July 6, you may call 1-800-573-1169 and make a one-time phone payment. (There is a $3.95 service charge for this one-time payment.) Or, mail your payment to:

    PA Customers
    PO Box 644760
    Pittsburgh PA

    WV Customers
    PO Box 645345
    Pittsburgh PA

    KY Customers
    PO Box 645338
    Pittsburgh PA

Responsible Utility Customer Protection Act - Important notice for Pennsylvania customers