City of Pittsburgh Pipeline Replacement Project

Project Updates

Project/Job Update as of July 8, 2013, in Pittsburgh’s South Side, Bloomfield/Friendship/Shadyside, and Northside Neighborhoods

At Summer’s mid-point, we are pleased to report Equitable Gas Company’s pipeline replacement work continues safely and on time. Thank you to the many customers who are affected by this work. We appreciate your understanding and your patience as we improve the reliability of our operating system.

The work in Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood continues with four streets having all work completed. Those streets are: 13th Street, Bingham Street, Fox Way and Wrights Way. Pipeline replacement work is completed on 22nd Street (Carson Street to Sarah Street as well as Carson Street to Merriman Way) and Carey Way with permanent restoration work pending on those streets. Pipeline replacement work is underway on Jane Street and 24th Street (Sidney Street to Sarah Street).

Efforts in Pittsburgh’s Bloomfield/Friendship/Shadyside neighborhoods are also going well. All work is complete on South Atlantic Avenue, South Evaline Street, South Winebiddle Street and Amboy Way. Pipeline replacement work is completed on South Aiken Avenue and it awaits permanent restoration work. Pipeline replacement work is underway on South Graham Street, Amberson Avenue and Pembrooke Place.

Finally, projects in Pittsburgh’s Northside neighborhood progress as well. All work is complete on Chautauqua Street, W. Burgess Street, and Strauss Street. North Charles Street, Bizet Street, Snyder Street and Clayton Avenue have most work completed and those streets await permanent restoration. Pipeline replacement work is completed and temporary restoration is underway on E. McIntyre Street, Maple Avenue, Langley Street, Divinity Street, and Lithgow Avenue. Rounding out the work on the Northside, crews are replacing pipe on Perrysville Avenue and University Avenue.

Businesses and residents should continue to visit the Equitable Gas website, for project updates throughout the Summer and Fall. Additional email newsletters will be sent periodically providing project updates.

Equitable Gas thanks all customers affected by the City of Pittsburgh pipeline replacement work. Should you have a question or concern as we improve the reliability of our operating system, please contact a project supervisor in your neighborhood - John Walko – South Side, 412-812-3369; Paul McIntyre – Bloomfield/Friendship/Shadyside, 412-670-0795; Jeremy Cunningham – Northside, 412-812-6729.

Equitable Gas Company's Local Distribution System

For 125 years, the employees of Equitable Gas Company have provided safe, reliable natural gas service to residents and businesses in greater Pittsburgh. We are committed to the safe and reliable operation of more than 3,500 miles of mainline pipe to meet the energy demands of our customers.

Each year, Equitable Gas invests millions of dollars to enhance the reliability of its natural gas distribution system through the proactive replacement of mainline pipe. This work creates local jobs and improves the delivery of natural gas energy to homes and businesses.

Lower Costs For Customers

The continuous improvement of our distribution system reduces long-term costs for our customers. Replacing mainline pipes in urban areas is more expensive and more difficult than replacing pipes in rural areas. Improving the distribution system in the City of Pittsburgh now avoids more expensive pipeline replacements later, permitting Equitable Gas to keep customer rates steady. Replacing older pipes that may require more frequent maintenance also reduces costs associated with ongoing repairs…saving customers money.

Communicating With Customers

As the City of Pittsburgh pipeline replacement projects move forward, Equitable Gas Company pledges to work closely with customers, community groups and public officials to address questions and concerns.

Each project area has an Equitable Gas Company Project Inspector who is available on site to answer questions in addition to an Equitable Gas Company Project Supervisor who is available on site or via cell phone after normal work hours to answer questions.

Should you have a question or concern about the pipeline replacement work during or after normal business hours (7:00 am to 5:00 pm) you may contact the following Project Supervisors:

John Walko – South Side, 412-812-3369

Paul McIntyre – Bloomfield/Friendship/Shadyside, 412-670-0795

Jeremy Cunningham – Northside, 412-812-6729

Commitment To Quality Work

The work crews selected by Equitable Gas from local Pittsburgh based contracting companies, M. O'Herron and W.G. Tomko, are experienced professionals in pipeline replacement and will work to minimize disruptions to residents and businesses. Typical hours of operations will be 7:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Once a section of mainline pipe is replaced and the weather permits, Equitable Gas and its contractors will restore streets, sidewalks, yards, landscaping, etc., to meet all City of Pittsburgh codes.

Project Status Updates by Work Area (updated weekly)

2013 - South Side

2013 - Bloomfield/Friendship/Shadyside

2013 - Northside